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The Ghost Finders

Available on Amazon Prime, Roku, and Paraflixx

Join the team of The Ghost Finders including Spirit Medium Rob Thompson, Lead Paranormal Investigator Daniel Klaes, Witch Megan Deputy and Paranormal Investigators Britney Isley and Steve Dills as they investigate alleged haunted locations around the country. Over the last ten years The Ghost Finders have revealed some of the most compelling paranormal footage* ever captured on film.

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An East Coast-based production company. Our ‘thing’? Producing powerful real-life, supercharged, and reactive organic content. Television that opens our eyes and our minds restoring our faith in one another, stamping out hate, and celebrating our diversity. Join us as we seek out unusual and engaging life stories with bold, screen-popping characters who excite, inspire, and speak to the soul. All vividly brought to life by a modest, talented team of Producers, Directors, Editors, researchers, and Crew. We All Change Entertainment and as we evolve it changes us. 

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